In standardizing services information package for natural resource management project, the NCDD secretariat of Ministry of Interior and Agriculture Technology Services Association (ATSA). For more detail pls visit



The ATSA is currently registered with the Ministry of Interior as a non-profit organization. The ATSA has a small team of high trained profession staff who have previously supported the National IPM Program at the central level to implement national level programs in partnership with Danida, FAO, CIDA and the World Bank.


This core group are responsible for research, marketing, program development and administration. This team provides agriculture and natural resource management expertise consistent with its vision and values based on contractual arrangements. ATSA training programs, the core of our work, are based on learning methodologies which ensure the highest possible impacts on overall productivity, the enhancement of farmer capacity and the generation social benefits.

The ATSA customizes training based on the requirements of the clients and target group. Strategically, the ATSA works through a network of well trained and experienced government and private trainers (ATSA Associates) on a commission and incentive basis.

This structure enables ATSA to provide high quality services at low cost. Further, our Associates, particularly Farmer Trainers, have developed their own private agriculture-related businesses and capabilities to supply high quality seeds, seedlings, trees, tree management, organic fertilizer, fish fingerlings and other services and inputs to local farmers to make their training services sustainable at the local level.

The relationship between the NIPM and the ATSA is expected to be one of mutual benefit and collaboration rather than competition. The ATSA has a board of international and local advisors which provides guidance to operations. ATSA experiences have shown that it is well placed to support decentralization, take advantage of private market opportunities, access high levels of expertise to implement effective farmer training, and integrate programs across ministries and departments at the community level.



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