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Staring in 2008, the Agriculture Technology Services Association (ATSA) in partnership with the Fisheries Administrative (FiA) has been implementing and innovative pilot project, the “Community Aquatic Resources Enhancement form Farmland” (CARE for Farmland) in Kampong Cham, Pursat, and Kampot Provinces. The overall objectives of this pilot initiative was to test a rice field habitat modification in an effort to increase the overall quantity of aquatic rainfall, periodic drought and a lack of appropriate habitats in rice field environment  for optimal aquatic organisms are critical for the nutritional security of the majority  of Cambodian farmers, changes in their populations such as expected from global climate change will undoubtedly exacerbate the physical constraints for successful aquatic  animal reproduction and survival, this pilot has major repercussions. The 2008 pilot activities have resulted in the type impacts and changes which were hoped for. This proposal is for the continuation, adaptation and expansion of the pilot activities in 2009.


Progress Report 2008
          1- 1st-AAP-ATSA-2008  (download)
          2- 2nd-AAP-ATSA-2008 (download)
          3- 3nd-AAP-ATSA-2008 (download)
          4- 4th-AAP-ATSA-2008 (download)


Progress Report 2009
          1- 1st-AAP-ATSA-2009  (download)
          2- 2nd-AAP-ATSA-2009 (download)
          3- 3nd-AAP-ATSA-2009 (download)

















































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