In standardizing services information package for natural resource management project, the NCDD secretariat of Ministry of Interior and Agriculture Technology Services Association (ATSA). For more detail pls visit


The Management Unit is composed of the director, tree sector specialists and a small administration function which includes finance and secretarial support. The Management Unit is the heart of the ATSA organization and is responsible for the management and oversight of all ATSA structures.

A Board of Directors which oversees and sets policy including ATSA Statutes, Personnel Policy, Financial Policy for the organization, meets every six months to monitor ATSA´s activities and give feedback to the Executive Director who is responsible to the Board. The current Board has five members. However, the extraordinary meetings call call from any members if necessary take action on urgent matters should the need arise.

The ATSA Executive Director is overall responsible for the organization´s day to day operations, representing the organization and managing the financial, programmatic, and human resources of the organization to maintain organizational integrity. The Executive Director is hired by and report to the Board of Directors.

The Management Committee consists of the Executive Director who have the role of coordinating and managing day-to-day activities.

Administration includes a Financial Officer and one or two secretarial/office support staff to support the Director, Specialists and Associates as necessary.

At the provincial level ATSA will access the NIPM-developed expertise for continual adaptation of ideas, concepts and technologies into effective strategies to address community level agriculture and natural resource management issues.


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