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Project Executive Summary: Mondulkiri is a remote province in eastern part of the country where people are living with food insecurity and natural resource abundance. Livelihood issues across the province found high levels of food shortage due to low agriculture productivity and unpredictable weather conditions, exacerbated by poor market access. Sen Monorom and O Rang district had the most acute problems due to the lack of suitable land for paddy rice and poor access to forest resources. the poorest families cope with shocks by distress sales, indebtedness or depletion of their natural resource base, trapping them in poverty. Ethnic minority households were noted to have fewer coping strategies than Khmers due to lack of marketable skills and discrimination. People recognize that lack of adequate agricultural technologies and support mechanism on financial and marketing systems are among the major factors why they could not improve their farming. Farmer groups will be selected based on their relative demonstrated strength as cohesive groups and their geographical location, specifically, groups which have similar agricultural systems and which are close enough to each other to form alliances for action. This initiative will actively engage farmer groups in civil society, particularly in commune council planning processes, so that local government is more responsive to agriculture and natural resource management needs of the communities. It is expected that the increased capacities among them will result in a rise in volunteerism and active participation in resource management. This initiative, specifically, will strengthen the farmer groups and their abilities to develop plans, document and present data on local issues for commune council and community members, and finally influence commune council decisions regarding support to agriculture and NRM issues.

Goal of the Project: Enhanced livelihood security for rural poor families whose are dependent upon the sustainable management of agriculture and natural resources. (i) which poor rural group will be targeted: poor rural people who are living in Sen Monorom and Keo Seima district and whose livelihoods depend on agriculture and natural resources. (ii) which of their natural resources will be targeted: soil and biodiversity in farmland. (iii) how their vulnerability will be reduced: enhanced income generation through improving agriculture production, better marketing and ability of groups to improve conditions for business activities.


Objectives of the Project: The main objective of this proposal is to establish community organizations and empower them to be able to:

- Participate in the decision making in local government and civil society organization

- Improve livelihoods through enhancing agriculture production and marketing



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